Which is The Best Massage Chair Under 100000 in India 2023

Here is the list of the top 10 best massage chairs under 100000 in India in 2023

Do you know massage chair manufacturers are debating about your comfort and relaxation?

Are you longing for a rib-tickling homey massage? Well, you got one with us!

What’s a kick-off evening for you?

For us, it’s coming home after exhausting working hours or a busy day and getting a great massage. But, visiting a spa or parlor is a significant hassle in itself.

What’ say about the Best massage chair under 1,00,000 (1 Lakh)?

After 9-7 working hours hassle, all we want is to skip waiting in parlors. What if we say we have got a much better option than a parlor or spa?

Are you seeking a massage therapist at your doorstep?

Well, it’s pretty possible now! Massage chairs are revolutionary gadgets, and the massage given by them reverberates throughout the body.

Massage chairs are being used in a sky-scraping number, and in India, there’s a 20% rise in the purchase of massage chairs annually, and the data is enough to show the popularity among the users.

This article comprises of top 10 Best massage chairs under 100000 that will quench your thirst for comfort and relaxation.

Beginning with types of massage chairs-

Types of massage chairs

Vibrating massage chairs- High-end massage chairs are mostly equipped with vibrating techniques. The vibrating massage chair vibrates to relieve stress and offer relaxation.

Zero Gravity massage chair- The zero-gravity chair gives a free-floating experience and reclines back to an extent. The zero gravity massage chair improves blood circulation and offers high-level relaxation.

Reclining massage chair- Reclining is one of the most compelling features. The reclining offers next-level relaxation while massaging.

Shiatsu massage chair- shiatsu technique targets all the body’s pressure points and helps in relaxing and relieving stress.

These are the top 10 massage chairs under 100000 rupees in India in 2023

1. Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: ‎ 64 x 98 x 110 cm
  • Weight: 45 Kg
  • Colour: Brown

The Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair is a pure combo of the powerful back, head, buttock, and leg massage features.

It is specially designed for the relaxation of all body types.

The massage chair offers comprehensive roller coverage with various functions like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, and air squeeze.

With 10 different massage techniques and a recliner, the massage chair serves best to relieve and relax tired muscles.

Plus, the digital panel attached to the seat helps control the intensity of the massage rollers at various points of the body.

It is simply an ergonomic massage chair chosen from over 100 innovative products.


  • Zero gravity massage chair
  • Combination of kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze
  • Bluetooth speaker for a soothing music session
  • Smooth digital panel
  • Comfortable and durable


  • No cons so far

2. RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 152.4 x 77 x 101 cm
  • Weight: 97Kg
  • Colour: Black

Enjoy the thrill of zero gravity massage with RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair.

The RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair is equipped with four vertically movable intelligent sets of hands. The chair has in-built diverse massage modes like kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu, and knocking.

Furnished with a stainless-steel body with a one-year national on-site Robotouch warranty, it is quite a piece to relax on.


  • An ideal piece for your bedroom and living room setup
  • Equipped with in-built intelligent massage hands
  • Pre-programable time setting
  • One-year national warranty
  • Multiple positions massage


  • No cons so far

3. KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 112 x 69 x 112 cm
  • Weight: 90Kg
  • Colour: Black

‘Relish five discrete massage techniques at your doorstep.’

Designed with zero gravity functioning, six massage rollers, and smooth massaging hands, the KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair is a quality product to keep on.

The 34 airbags at the arms, shoulder, lower waist, thighs, calves, and feet faster recovery to the joints and improve blood circulation.

The zero-gravity massage chair has multiple massage techniques like Tapping, kneading, rolling, and shiatsu that delivers Pressure-point detection scans on shoulders, locate strategic points precisely, and improve flexibility.

With space-saving design and precise remote control, it is a unique massage machine that will give you an experience of human-like massage therapies.


  • L-track roller track design
  • 34 airbags for an extremely comfortable massage
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Customizable and have zero wall space
  • Enjoy full backstretch in the chair


  • Do not cover the neck and head area.

4. BLAKOLE Luxury Atom Full Body Auto-Scan Zero Gravity Massage Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 127 x 75 x 108 cm
  • Weight: 57Kg
  • Colour: Black

BLAKOLE Luxury massage chair is a full-body massage chair with 12 Point Roller/Airbag AI Technology in the Head, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Back, Seat, Calf & Foot.

The chair is in-built with high quality, durable PU leather and smooth wheels for swift movement of the chair.

With a space-saving design, zero gravity feature, and 20 auto-programmed massages, BLAKOLE Luxury is a famous massage chair for under 100000.

It is ideal with 20 airbags, adjustable roller intensity, heating feature, and touch- remote control.


  • 20 auto-programmed massage
  • Heating on lumbar and calf
  • Zero gravity massage chair
  • High-quality and durable PU leather


  • No cons so far

5. KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 112 x 69 x 112 cm
  • Weight: 85Kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120Kg

‘Relish the first step of relaxation and comfort with KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair.’

The mechanical drive, mute, and eye-catching design of the KosmoCare massage chair will bring a gentle and comfy feeling to you.

With 5 massage techniques- Rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping, and massaging on the head, neck, back, waist, and hips and 30 airbags, now you can truly enjoy the natural feeling of relaxation.

It’s time to relax, renew and revive with relaxing massage therapy.


  • Digital control panel with VFD display
  • 5 massage techniques
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • Experience smooth massage on arms, thighs, calves, and feet
  • Promote circulation of blood capillary


  • No cons so far

6. JSB MZ20 Massage Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Weight: 70Kg
  • Colour: Brown

‘Offer gentle comfort to your muscles’

Enjoy your reading, napping, or entertainment time with JSB MZ20 Massage Chair. It is a massage chair recliner with 3 recline levels, a comfortable back, neck massager, and 22 massage heads.

Experience spot-adjusted massage that covers from head to toe and adjusts the chair according to your perfect fit.

Moreover, the universal multi-level folding and multipurpose use make it a perfect fit for users.


  • Relives back, neck, and lumbar pain
  • 22 massage heads
  • Multipurpose massage chair
  • Back Adjustment to adjust for reading, napping, and Watching TV
  • One-year warranty on the product


  • Not many details are disclosed.

7. Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 130 x 68 x 112 cm
  • Weight: 63Kg
  • Colour: Blue

Specially designed to complement commercial spaces, the Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 has a capsule seat with a combo of S and L track design.

Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 is an impressive combination of zero-gravity reclining and heating technology.

Above that, the six automatic focus systems and high-quality airbags offer long-lasting user comfort.

Furthermore, the latest Graphene Thermostatic Hot Compress Technology will heat the seat in 10 seconds.

The Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 is a classic addition to advanced features and technology.


  • An impressive combination of S and L track
  • Easy adjustment techniques
  • Smart probe technology
  • Customize your spa at home
  • Best known for Full body massage
  • Three massage zones


  • No cons so far

8. Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 49 inches
  • Weight: 115Kg
  • Colour: Black

‘A healthy gift for all

Give the relaxation your body needs with the Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair.

The full body massage chair equips an in-built SL track covering the full body from head to bottom of the toe.

The auto height and body shape detection adjust the massage according to the requirements.

Above that, the 3D robotic hands will give you a human touch on the shoulder, neck, waist, back, hip, leg, and other parts.

Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair is a perfect zero gravity chair with a space-saving design.


  • Zero gravity massage chair
  • Space-saving design
  • Smart body scan
  • Full body massage chair
  • SL track with Thai stretching
  • Lifetime warranty policy


  • No cons so far

9. Robocura Luxurious Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 119.5 x 74 x 107 cm
  • Weight: 54Kg
  • Colour: Brown

Robocura Luxurious Full Body Massage Chair is a complete family package that offers a first-class massage experience.

The 4 auto programs provide relaxation and restore energy balance. Plus, Thermal heat therapy helps in improving blood circulation and reducing muscular spasms in the back muscles.

You will experience tranquil & peaceful massage with Regal’s full-body airbag massage (number) on your shoulders, arms, thighs, calves & feet with different intensity levels.

Furthermore, feel light as a feather in the most comfortable position with Regal’s Zero Gravity Suspended Cabin.

A true combination of reflexology, kneading, and rolling massage.


  • 3D rollers for ultra-level massage
  • 4 customized auto programs for comfort
  • Thermal heat therapy
  • Zero gravity massage chair
  • 8 dedicated kneading rollers


  • No disadvantages so far


best massage chair under 100000 in India

Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 105 x 70 x 145 cm
  • Weight: 75Kg
  • Colour: Brown

‘Get a convenient full body massage at home

The RUP FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR WITH ZERO GRAVITY is a full package of Airbag squeeze massage that delivers ultimate relaxation and reduces stress.

Plus, the massage chair is best for post-workout recovery and reduces back pain.

The in-built Bluetooth speaker will keep you entertained during the massage session.

Simply, a classy and sassy massage chair in budget price.


  • Comfortable and convenient massage chair
  • Stress reducer and comforter
  • Improves post-recovery workout
  • Airbag massage therapy


  • Not many details are disclosed.

Buying guide for best massage chair under 100000 in India

The massage chair offers extreme relaxation and comfort, but only when bought actively. It’s a tedious task to select the best massage chair under 100000 that fits your needs and requirements perfectly.

Based on the user’s basic needs, we have made a buying guide that will help you choose the best pick among thousands of massage chairs.

Standard features a massage chair must have-

Space-saving Design

Before purchasing the best massage chair under 100000 in India, ensure the space at your home. The space-saving design is much more attractive and classier, as they are perfect for all types of room sets, especially for small spaces.

Massage chair upholstery

Synthetic material is the priority when it comes to massage chair upholstery. The reason behind choosing synthetic material is, that it can withstand heat, tear, or air passage better than leather material.

Types of rollers

Based on the massage style, there are different types of massage rollers attached to massage chairs-

  • Shiatsu
  • Thai
  • Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Tapping
  • Swedish
  • Massage tracks

These are the types of tracks the massage chairs come with-

L-track: L-track rollers can reach from the neck to the glutes and hamstrings. L-track is best for people who are more focused on the lower back and legs. [47″ -52″ Long]

S-track: S-track follows the natural curvature of the spine, focusing on various areas on the back. The S-track allows twisting flexibility and spinal stretching comfortably. [30″- 32″ Long]

J-track: J trek or Flex track is a combination of stretching capabilities of S-track and range of L-track.

Massage bags

Massage bags relives stiffness from the tensions by pumping pressurized air into small pouches in the back, legs, or sides of the massage chair.

Airbags also work as a plus point in stimulating blood flow and reducing soreness.

These days, advanced massage chairs are equipped with airbag and rolling massage techniques.


Zero gravity reclining is the most famous and demanded massage chair on the market. It helps in reducing tension, improving blood circulation, and lowering heart rate.

Easy to use

Try to grab the massage chairs, which are easy and straightforward to use. There’s no huss-fuss in utilizing the massage chair.

For example, intuitive controls, touchscreen or on-touch remote controls, and easy-to-operate programs and functions.

Pre-set programs

Try to grasp the massage chairs with pre-set massage programs. These programs target specific areas of the body and customize the massage accordingly.


Whether it’s a massage chair or a simple chair, the first-to-be-focused point is the warranty. A warranty ensures the safety of the chair for a given time interval.

Warranty on the product is one of the most attractive features a company can offer.

Customer Reviews

The final and foremost step is to read the customer reviews. Customer reviews offer you a brief idea about the massage chair before buying it.

We hope this buying guide helps you to bring the best comfy massage chair to your doorstep.

Editor’s Choice
best massage chair under 100000 in India

LifeLong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair

best massager chair under 100000 in India

If you are looking for the best massager chair under 100000 in India among these top 10, then the LifeLong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair can be your best choice.

Other than that, you have a look at RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair and Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best massage chair brands?

The quality of massage chairs varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. These are the topmost massage chair brands in the market-
– Infinity
– Robotouch
– Lifelong
– Osaki
– Titan
– Human Touch
– Kahuna

2. Are massage chairs a good investment?

Undoubtedly Yes! If you are a regular massage lover, nothing can be a much better investment than massage chairs.

There are multiple benefits of massage chairs- zero hassle, say bye-bye to parlor or spa, can save bag full of bucks.

3. How long does a massage chair last?

The average life of a massage chair is around 15-20 years. But, the time-to-time upgrade, proper maintenance, and care can increase the lifetime of the massage chairs.

4. What are the care tips for massage chairs?

5 tips will keep the massage chair maintained-
– Regular cleaning
– Periodical deep cleaning
– Consult an expert at the first sign of trouble
– Use a chair on a regular basis
– Consider your chair’s environment.

Bottom Line

Getting a massage chair at home will provide you with multiple health benefits.

After reading the article, along with the best massage chair under 100000 in India, we hope you must have got an idea of how to buy one and the significant points you have to keep an eye on before buying a new massage chair.

We wish you all the luck in embracing one of the finest deals of the year with mytechietalk.

We would love to know which one has become your finest choice. You can pin us in the comments section.

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