Sony Alpha ILCE-6000Y vs ILCE-6000L: Unraveling the Best Mirrorless Camera

Welcome to our comprehensive comparison between two impressive mirrorless cameras: the Sony Alpha ILCE-6000Y and the ILCE-6000L. As passionate photographers ourselves, we understand the importance of choosing the right equipment to capture exceptional moments and create stunning visual stories. In this article, we delve deep into the features, capabilities, and nuances of these two cameras to help you make an informed decision and empower your photography journey.

Key Specifications

Let’s kick things off by exploring the key specifications that set these two cameras apart:

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L

Sony alpha ILCE 6000Y vs 6000L

Key Specifications –

  • Sensor: 24.3 megapixels (APS-C)
  • Lens Compatibility: E-mount lenses
  • ISO Range: 100-25600
  • Autofocus Points: 179
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 11 frames per second
  • Image Stabilization: No in-body stabilization
  • Video Recording: Full HD (1080p) at 60fps

‘Capture the perfect moments

The Sony alpha ILCE 6000L mirrorless camera will help you shoot far beyond your capabilities.

It is a compact, easy and daily-to-go camera with a larger image sensor and bright lenses making it better to use in bright light.

With broad 179 Autofocus points, Alpha 6000 provides extensive frame coverage and continuous, precise location of the subject. Above that, the 4D sharp focus and eye Autofocus perfectly combine effective and innovative shooting skills.

With half the size and weight of a typical DSLR, the Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L has the same APS-C image sensor as most DSLRs.

Giving intelligent competition to the camera in the market, the Sony alpha ILCE 6000L is going to steal your heart in one shot.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Amazing video quality
  • An excellent option for beginners
  • Impressive image quality
  • Best night vision camera


  • The battery could have been better

Sony alpha ILCE 6000Y

Sony alpha ILCE 6000Y vs 6000L

Key Specifications –

  • Sensor: 24.3 megapixels (APS-C)
  • Lens Compatibility: E-mount lenses
  • ISO Range: 100-25600
  • Autofocus Points: 179
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 11 frames per second
  • Image Stabilization: In-body stabilization
  • Video Recording: Full HD (1080p) at 60fps

‘Your coup de grâce’

With the BIONZ X image processing engine, capture your perfect shots.

The Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y allows you to shoot in 0.06 seconds with ultra-fast autofocus and a 24.3 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor.

Get a view of Gorgeous low-light photos with an ISO range of 100-25600. Above that, the wide 179 autofocus points cover the entire screen.

The 4D focus allows one to take crisper photos than ever, and the eye Autofocus revolutionizes portraiture works as icing one cake for that.

The one fps continuous shooting with superior AF tracking performance ensures you capture the decisive moment with fast-moving subjects.

The OLED Tru-Finder EVF of Alpha 6000 features four double aspherical lenses that deliver 100% frame coverage and a wide viewing angle (approx. 33°) for clear visibility from corner to corner.

Now, capture your best memories and clicks with the Sony alpha ILCE 6000Y.


  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Alluring picture quality
  • Shoot speed is brilliant
  • Transferring of pics vids are brilliant
  • Best for night photography
  • Impressive fast autofocus


  • With continuous shoot last for five hours only

Comparison Table: Sony alpha ILCE 6000Y vs 6000L

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Design and Ergonomics

Both the Sony Alpha ILCE-6000Y and ILCE-6000L share a similar plan language, proposing a compact and light-weight physique that appeals to each lover and professional. The well-positioned buttons and intuitive management design makes it easy to get admission to key functions, permitting you to focal point on shooting the best shot except for any hindrances. These cameras are constructed to be portable, making sure you can elevate them readily for prolonged taking pictures periods or on your tour adventures.

Image Quality and Performance

When it comes to picture quality, each of the ILCE-6000Y and ILCE-6000L excels in handing over wonderful results. With their 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensors, you can anticipate crisp and distinctive images, even in difficult lighting fixture conditions. The ISO variety of 100-25600 presents gorgeous low-light performance, minimizing noise and retaining important points in darker scenes.

In phrases of autofocus capabilities, these cameras boast 179 autofocus points, ensuring swift and correct difficulty tracking. Whether you are shooting fast-paced motion or focusing on a nevertheless subject, the autofocus device of each camera will hold up with your innovative vision.

Key Differences: ILCE-6000Y vs. ILCE-6000L

ILCE-6000Y – Versatility with Two Lenses

One of the vast benefits of the ILCE-6000Y is its bundled lens package. This Digicam package consists of two lenses: the 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens and the 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 OSS lens. This versatile lens aggregate permits you to cowl an extensive vary of focal lengths, from wide-angle pictures to telephoto zoom, offering flexibility in taking pictures of a range of topics and scenes.

ILCE-6000L – A Budget-Friendly Option

The ILCE-6000L, on the different hand, provides an extra budget-friendly alternative for those who choose to delve into the world of mirrorless images without compromising on photo quality. Although it lacks the extra telephoto lens located in the ILCE-6000Y kit, it nevertheless offers terrific overall performance and the capability to use different E-mount lenses.

Video Capabilities

Both the ILCE-6000Y and ILCE-6000L are successful in recording Full HD movies at 60 frames per second, permitting you to seize easy and cinematic footage. Whether you are capturing a household gathering, a breathtaking landscape, or documenting your travels, these cameras supply the crucial equipment to carry your memories to life.

Battery Life and Storage

Battery existence is continually a critical issue to consider, mainly for these lengthy picture classes or when you are on the move. Both the ILCE-6000Y and ILCE-6000L make use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide first-rate performance, permitting you to seize a considerable wide variety of pictures earlier than desiring to recharge.

In phrases of storage, these cameras assist SD, SDHC, and SDXC reminiscence cards, offering adequate area for your snapshots and videos.

Here’s a comparison table summarizing the key features of the Sony Alpha ILCE-6000Y and ILCE-6000L:

SpecificationSony Alpha ILCE-6000YSony Alpha ILCE-6000L
Sensor24.3 megapixels (APS-C)24.3 megapixels (APS-C)
Lens CompatibilityE-mount lensesE-mount lenses
ISO Range100-25600100-25600
Autofocus Points179179
Continuous Shooting11 frames per second11 frames per second
Image StabilizationIn-body stabilizationNo in-body stabilization
Video RecordingFull HD (1080p) at 60fpsFull HD (1080p) at 60fps
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Please note that this table provides a concise overview of the specifications. For a more detailed comparison, please refer to the previous sections of the article.


After a thorough examination of the Sony Alpha ILCE-6000Y and ILCE-6000L, it is clear that each camera provides high-quality imaging capabilities, making sure that you seize gorgeous pictures and videos. The ILCE-6000Y stands out with its versatility, thanks to the inclusion of two lenses, making it the best desire for those who crave flexibility in their pictures endeavors. On the different hand, the ILCE-6000L offers a greater budget-friendly alternative except compromising on photo first-rate or performance.

Whether you are an aspiring photographer, an avid traveler, or an innovative storyteller, each of these cameras will empower your visible expression and raise your pictures to new heights. Choose the one that aligns with your precise needs, and embark on a fantastic photographic trip with Sony’s Alpha mirrorless cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera?

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y is a mirrorless DSLR camera.

Is Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y and Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L are same?

No, Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y and Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L are different. But they are similar in all the features, except Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y has 2 lenses whereas Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L has 1.

Which is better, DSLR or Mirrorless Camera?

Mirrorless cameras are portable, lightweight, and offer the best video quality. Plus, mirrorless cameras can shoot images at a faster speed.

On the other hand, DSLR offers a longer battery life and a more comprehensive selection of interchangeable lenses, and the optical viewfinder provides better low-light shooting.

Which one is more expensive, Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L or Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y?

Due to more lenses, Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y is more costly than Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L.

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